ANAIRESIS – chamber works by Cetiz and Demopoulos


Catalogue No: MSV 92107
EAN/UPC: 809730210723
Artists: , , ,
Composers: ,
Release Date: January 2018
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 74:42

Originally made in 2003 for Dunelm Records in limited edition, this album features rare cooperation between Turkey and Greece in the form of composer/pianists Panayiotis Demopoulos and Mahir Cetiz. Chamber and instrumental works with gently exotic sounds – indeed works which should be much more widely known, these were all first recordings. The composers perform together with the Anairesis Ensemble, which included several members who have gone on to very successful careers.

Of the composers, Cetiz now works at Columbia University, USA while Demopoulos has held a number of prestigious positions in the UK and now back in Greece.

A fine album of approachable yet unusually sonorous pieces.

Track Listing

Mahir Cetiz (b. 1977):

    1. Mist Bells, for small ensemble
    2. Triptych for solo piano
    3. Polarisation, for solo bassoon

Panayiotis Demopoulos (b.1977):
Theme and Variations on a villota by Filippo Azzaiolo

    1. i. theme and ritornello
    2. ii
    3. ritornello
    4. iii
    5. ritornello
    6. iv
    7. ritornello
    8. v
    9. thema

Three Songs for bass and Piano

      1. Song 1 – Eu canto
      2. Song 2 – There was a pool so dark
      3. Song 3 – kai men ergho kouketi mythoochthon


    1. Of Seventh Doors – Suite for Cello and Piano


MusicWeb International

As a lover of classical and symphonic music, it was a great pleasure to hear this disc for the first time. The two composers … have already found distinct voices, writing music that is both steeped in tradition and yet vibrant and alive. “a wonderful blending of the romantic, the modern and the post-modern. This album is a joy. It shows the future of symphonic music, and makes a strong case that its future is strong and healthy.

” —Patrick Gary
Rafael Music Notes

Cetiz’s works are severe, sparse, rigorous compositions, perfect vehicles for Anairesis, featuring the excellent Anairesis Ensemble. Well-written program notes accompany this nicely packaged and carefully engineered CD

” —Rafael de Acha