A Clockwork Operetta


Catalogue No: MSV 28543
EAN/UPC: 809730854323
Artists: , , , , , , ,
Release Date: January 2014
Genres: , , , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 70:05

Music by Kevin Malone ranging from the ethereal and haunting ‘Angels and Fireflies’ in version for recorder and orchestra, to the new and eclectic chamber work American Terpsichore, the album centers around the ‘pop’ songs written by Anthony Burgess for the original film script of A Clockwork Orange, which was rejected by director Stanley Kubrick in favor of his own less aggressive screenplay. A wild cabaret setting in which the songs have been arranged into five scenes, acrobatically perfomed by leading New York actress and singer Emily Howard.

Track Listing

    Kevin Malone:

  1. The Radio Song (11:35)
  2. I. American Terpsichore – Spin Alley (7:20)
  3. II. American Terpsichore – Fine Art and Garage Bands (10:25)
  4. Angels and Fireflies (12:53)
  5. I. A Clockwork Operetta – Scene One (6:21)
  6. II. A Clockwork Operetta – Scene Two Part one (3:35)
  7. III. A Clockwork Operetta – Scene Two Part Two (5:06)
  8. IV. A Clockwork Operetta – Scene Three Part One (5:23)
  9. V. A Clockwork Operetta – Scene Three Part Two (7:27)



[Malone’s] music is riotous, a whirligig of discombobulatory fun. The more one hears this music, the more one is fascinated by it. This is a fascinating disc, evidence of Kevin Malone’s clear talent… a composer who has a clear vision of what he wants.. . a most impressive enterprise.

” —Colin Clarke
Manchester Sounds

A good introduction to this Manchester-based American composer’s wide range, It is allusive, socially engaged music… sophisticated, witty and sometimes deeply moving. This enjoyable disc gives the listener much to think about.

” —Rob Keeley
Die Deutsche Bühne

What a CD for movie fans! Besides new ambitious chamber music, included in the recording are five songs written by Anthony Burgess for the Kubrick film ‘A Clockwork Orange’, masterworks of cabaret fiercely composed by Kevin Malone, recorded here for the first time – and which are crying out for the stage.

” —Unnamed reviewer
Words And Music (Rick Jones Music Blog

A tour de force by American mezzo Emily Howard who vocalizes in extraordinary ways. Malone’s music is surprisingly economical in its scoring.

” —Rick Jones
Edge On The Net

A quartet of eclectic works from a talented composer who understands how to mix genres across the musical spectrum.

” —Steven Bergman
International Record Review

Painted in fairly broad strokes but certainly worth hearing

” —Roger Thomas