Athene release from Mariko Terashi

Japanese pianist Mariko Terashi is currently resident in the UK. She pursued her musical training in France from Catherine Collard and Yvonne Lefébure and now performs regularly on the UK concert platform, has appeared on Spanish TV, and collaborates with the Polish Orchestra Vita Activa.

Her upcoming album is one of baroque pieces, but performed on modern piano. The album was recorded by Nami Records, and released locally in Japan to great praise and will now see worldwide distribution with its summer 2018 release on the Athene label (ATH 23207) – our label for early and baroque works and ‘period instruments’.

Mariko has developed her own playing style that retains the poise and ornamentation of the original music, while exploiting the warmer timbre of the piano. Regarded as “offering fresh insights into the music”, she responds with “delicate nuance” and “tremendous emotional depth”.