Veronica Doubleday


Veronica Doubleday, who is the wife of John Baily, accompanied him to Afghanistan and lived there with him during the main period of his research into traditional Afghan music. She became actively involved in music research, working with women musicians and making recordings of their singing and drumming. Given the strict segregation of social and musical activities between men and women in the country, John and Veronica’s complementary work provides a holistic view of Herati music. Veronica learnt songs from various different people, but her main musical teachers were her neighbour and amateur enthusiast Madar-e Zahir, and the locally famous professional singer Zainab Herawi. As well as learning to sing in the Herati style, Veronica learnt to play the daireh (frame drum) which women use to support thier voices.

John and Veronica have given regular concerts at various venues and festivals in Europe and in the United States. They have worked with a number of other musicians. They have also toured with the California-based Herati dutar player Aziz Herawi, and played on one of his albums.They first met Abdul Wahab Madadi in the 1970s, but their musical collaboration with him dates from his residence in Germany.