Trio Scordatura


Since its inception in spring 2006, Amsterdam-based Trio Scordatura has presented exploratory music by a range of contemporary composers and sound artists that looks toward new tuning systems and microtonality as a way of expanding the harmonic vocabulary of music.

The basic soundworld of female voice, viola and MIDI keyboard is expanded by other sonorities depending on musical context. Their concerts feature “classics” from the worlds of microtonal and spectral music together with new commissions, sometimes crossing over into work in multimedia, involving text, video, dance, and light.

Trio Scordatura grew initially from a project to perform the works for intoning voice, Adapted Viola and Chromelodeon by the American iconoclast Harry Partch. The ensemble uses an exact copy of Partch’s Adapted Viola authorised by the Harry Partch Foundation, and have recently supported the building of a copy of Partch’s Kithara I. Trio Scordatura has formed close working relationships with a number of leading contemporary composers, including Phill Niblock, the late Horatiu Radulescu, François-Bernard Mâche, Peter Adriaansz, Christopher Fox, Anne La Berge and Marc Sabat, and a range of young composers, with several of whom they have ongoing collaborations. One such is Scott Mc Laughlin, who in 2011 also became Trio Scordatura’s regular sound technician.

The Trio has performed at the Sonorities Festival in Belfast, the KlankKleur Festival in Amsterdam, Musica Sacra Maastricht, Roulette in New York, the Logos Foundation in Ghent, the Transit Festival in Leuven, Dag in De Branding in Den Haag, the Ergodos Festival in Dublin, Microfest in Los Angeles, and gives regular performances at the Karnatic Lab series in Amsterdam. In 2009, in collaboration with Dublin’s Ergodos, Trio Scordatura began an ambitious concert and CD project commissioning a number of young Irish composers to write new works – the first CD from this collaboration, dubh, was released by Ergodos Records in Dublin in July 2010. The Trio’s recordings of music by Phill Niblock are forthcoming on a new DVD from Mode Records in New York. Sadly, trio member Bob Gilmore passed away on January 4, 2015 after a long illness.