Scott Mc Laughlin

cello / electric guitar

Scott Mc Laughlin is a composer and improviser (cello, live electronics) based in Huddersfield, UK. Born in Ireland (Co. Clare) in 1975, he wanted to be a scientist. Instead, he spent his early 20s playing guitar in reverb-drenched/feedback-soaked indie bands, then changed direction to study music at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, completing a BMus degree in 2001. Somewhere between that and completing his PhD at the University of Huddersfield in 2009, he reconnected with science via music, with the help of supervisors Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Bryn Harrison, James Saunders, and Christopher Fox. Currently he teaches at CeReNeM (University of Huddersfield), and University of Leeds, and still enjoys reverb-drenched feedback.

His music is concerned with relationships between minimal processes of transformation and proliferation: ideas of recursion, hysteresis, difference, cluster-microtonality, chaos/complexity theory, and interactivity. Recent performances have been given by Sebastian Berweck, Jonathan Sage, Metapraxis Ensemble, Crash Ensemble, and Trio Scordatura.