[rout] is a collective of young british composers and performers with a
commitment to inter-disciplinary and collaborative work.

The group was founded by composers Sam Hayden, Paul Newland and Paul Whitty.

On their Divine Art release [rout]one there is an eclectic brew of sounds ranging from the harpsichord on Paul Newland’s standing jump, to the sound of a modem in Sam Hayden’s Anthem, to field recordings from Brighton Pier in Paul Whitty’s Love.

[rout] have appeared at the BMIC Cutting Edge Concert Series, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, ICA, Modern Art Oxford, Beaconsfield, Kettle’s Yard Gallery – Cambridge, and the Brighton Festival. Performances have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and ResonanceFM.

More information can be found at www.routweb.com

‘[rout] avoids definition, it is in a constant state of flux, it is protean, adapts to circumstance and changes its shape as those involved at its core develop their ideas and approaches to music and performance. [rout] aims to produce and associate itself with work that often tends to the periphery, be it maximal, minimal, subliminal, deafening, barely audible…’