Ric Graebner

composer / electronics

Ric Graebner comes from an Austrian background, and probably inherited an aptitude for music from his uncle Walter Loesser who had studied with Webern, and who was a friend of Alban Berg and Frau Mahler. However, he has spent most of his working life in the UK. Following studies at the Universities of Cambridge and York he obtained a long-term post at Southampton University; he subsequently went on to hold two Fellowships at Princeton. His visits to New Jersey began in the 1970s and laid down the foundation of an interest in the digital synthesis of music, then in a very early stage of development.

While continuing to write for conventional musical forces, including the award-winning Thalia, he has increasingly turned to electronic composition, notably in collaboration with painters Larry Wakefield and Roger Pinnington and choreographers Anna Carlisle and Sergiu Angel.

Technical developments have allowed Graebner to explore an ever widening range of sonorities, in a period when this format has become a serious aesthetic medium.