Nehama Patkin


NEHAMA PATKIN is one of Australia’s most versatile musicians. Her work spans the field of solo piano recitals, singing, accompanying, teaching, competing, adjudicating, producing and directing concerts. Her reputation as an inspiring teacher of both the Suzuki and traditional methods are highly recognized throughout Australia and overseas.

As a music educator Nehama works with both children and teachers, which has led to many invitations which have taken her to very many countries.

As a concerto soloist Nehama has performed with all the major Australian orchestras as well as in Germany with the Hamburg SO, Brazil ad Hawaii . Recently she performed Poulenc’s Concerto for Two Pianos and also Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor with the Melbourne Sinfonia.

Nehama has recorded with many artists including, Anthony Warlow, jazz musician Brian Brown, and Peter Clinch. Her piano playing was featured in the TV mini series “Return to Eden” and several other documentaries and films including Paul Cox’s “My First Wife”. She was also the pianist in the film about the life story of Shirley Temple which was filmed in Australia. She worked for many years in both radio and television and in fact was the first presenter of the Australian children’s show Playschool. Three documentaries have been shown on TV featuring in particular her holistic approach in music education.

Nehama serves on a number of committees, and as well as holding a Master of Music degree, Nehama has been the recipient of many awards. In 2001 she was featured in the Melbourne Museum exhibition “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives”.