Georg Schnéevoigt


Georg Schnéevoigt (1872-1947) appears not to have secured such a revered place amongst the top conductors of the past as his compatriot Robert Kajanus, though he was a major figure in his day. Like Kajanus he is a source of original authentic interpretations of Sibelius, of whom he was a close friend, and his recording of the Sixth symphony on the Divine Art Historic Sound CD was the first to be made (originally for The Gramophone Company).Schneevoigt founded the Helsinki Symphony Orchestra and for a time became a bitter rival of Kajanus.

Like Kajanus, he championed Sibelius and helped to put Finnish music-making on the map, by strongly featuring the composer’s work whenever he appeared. In 1901 the Helsinki Symphony with Schnéevoigt was among the guest orchestras invited to play at the 700th Anniversary Exhibitions in Riga, where, in a large restaurant, they played to much acclaim programmes of both serious works and lighter material. Between 1927 and 1929 he was the Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and appeared as guest conductor with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in 1937.