Bochmann Quartet


The Bochmann Quartet was originally founded in 1977, touring internationally for more than a decade. During this period they made over fifty BBC broadcasts and numerous commercial recordings. The Quartet reformed in 1990, again performing regularly on radio, television and at many festivals. In 1995, they commissioned George Nicholson to write his Thrid String Quartet with funds from the Arts Council. Performances have since been given in the Universities of Keele, Sheffieled and Nottingham. In the Autumn of 1996, this quartet was broadcast on BBC Radio 3. It is following the performance at Nottingham – which also included Nicholas Sackman’s Second Quartet, that their recording of both works was made for Metier.

The Quartet has a committed involvement in music education, particularly for young people. This has lef to a long-term residency at the Higher Education College in Worcester, the instigation of public masterclasses and workshops in various venues, and intensive courses for post-graduate students and young professionals.