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Intricate Web: Music By Liz Johnson

MSV 77206

Liz Johnson is a British composer with a very special gift and distinctive style, definitely in the avant-garde mold yet not totally alien to ‘traditional-music’ lovers. ‘Intricate Web’ is not only the title of one of the quartets here (there are four numbered String Quartets and two other works for the quartet) but also accurately […]

Tonality Systems Review

We can so easily miss new stars rising in the firmament of music composition. But for me, unexpectedly, out of the ether (of BBC Radio 3) dropped a 4-minute jewel of a string quartet, and with a title that was hard to forget, Tide Purl by Liz Johnson. It was played by the Fitzwilliam Quartet as a trailer for a concert to launch 2-CD retrospective including all this composer’s work for the string quartet medium. . I was immediately hooked… [this] is a significant body of English music for string quartet.

Fanfare Review

This album contains only three of his seven works confronting the sub­ject, and it makes me curious to hear more. These are not some vainglorious, grandiose showy scores, but instead ut­terly personal, introverted creations. His sincerity is always apparent. Sound is full and well balanced in keeping with the urgency of the writing, and Malone’s notes are illuminating, although it may be best to allow the music to make its own effect before reading about his methods and processes. There is something obsessive and exacting about his highly structured attempts to confront 9/11. It is not an easy listen … but I really admire Malone’s intricate style and invention.

BBC Music Magazine - Top Recommendations August 2000 Review

This disc deserves a place on the shelves of every serious collector. These two cycles of Gershwin arrangements contain some of Finnissy’s best and most thought-provoking music played by one of his greatest advocates. The emotions in Finnissy’s arrangements are often as complex as the music is intricate, at one moment poignant, disturbing at the next, but always utterly compelling. Strongly recommended.

International Record Review Review

Morris’s libretto is extensive and often intricate in content, thereby placing a premium on the composer’s ability to convey dramatic meaning at the same time as sustaining a convincing theatrical continuity. This Hughes achieves admirably, whether in terms of maintaining a satisfactory balance between voices and instruments or of enriching the vocal lines with writing which sustains an intrinsic musical interest. The cast here is a persuasive one – dominated by Edward Grint’s emotive and increasingly self-regarding Poet, and the sensuous yet calculating appeal of Lucy Williams’s Princess. Hopefully Hughes’s piece will soon secure a full staging: in the meantime, this release enables one to get to grips with one of the more arresting and distinctive chamber operas to have emerged in the UK over recent years.

Journal Of Music (Joint Review With Msv 28544 ‘Eric Craven Piano Sonatas' ) Review

Belonging to a generation that owes as much to inherited traditions as to the possibilities of the present, [the composers] are clearly beholden to neither in equal measure. The disc finds composers revelling in the intricate warp and weft of music in which defining threads are intentionally ravelled, deliberately obfuscated or omitted altogether. They suggest a developing shift away from the boundaries of a composer’s imagination to the limits of a performer’s technical abilities, offering up the alluring prospect that what ‘seems impossible… or really is so’ on an instrument as venerable and venerated as the piano might actually become possible.

Gramophone Review

Gorton makes no concessions to his performers — not that those heard here require any ‘easy options’ when it comes to realising such intricate and exacting pieces. Excellent sound and detailed notes also complement the interpretative conviction needed for this unequivocal music.

Classical Music Review

[Rochberg’s] sonata of 1988… conveying intense feeling. The Variations… intricate solo violin work.. always with purpose and impact. EDITOR’S CHOICE CD JULY 2011

Fanfare Review

“I found that watching and reviewing the DVD in hand to be one of the more entertaining assignments I’ve received. Mathias Reumert is an amazing performer, a veritable wizard of percussion. His masterful music-making will astound you; this, coupled with the fascinating videography, creates a program that transcends whatever the normal market for this DVD would be. I recommend this recital wholeheartedly.”

Fanfare Review

I loved the exquisite timbres of the young voices and the singers’ ex¬uberant renditions of these beloved songs. If you have any relationship at all to Scotland, you will want this disc.

Tempo Review

“Signs of Occupation represents an intro­duction to the varied musical perspectives of this eclectic composer. The performers’ response to the demands of the music is sensitive and com­mitted to revealing its complexities, a richly rewarding experience that occupies the listening space long after the music has finished.”

MusicWeb Review

My congratulations go to all concerned. Everything with this release is very well presented: the composer’s own notes on each piece giving plenty of useful and relevant information. It is interesting to see that the works are programmed in chronological order, and so one has a sense of ongoing growth and development. this is a well-performed programme of some highly intriguing music.

MusicWeb Review

Poole’s music in spite of its demands of all sorts is also much concerned with communication which it often achieves through its sheer vitality, no matter how technically complex it may be. All the performances are consistently fine as is the recording quality. This release is most welcome.

Tempo Review

immensely attractive work… superbly idiomatic, inventive writing. Okeanos approach these scores with imagination and wit rooted in a firm and secure technique.

Clarinet And Saxophone Magazine Review

This is a most worthwhile and imaginatively programmed disc, with fine music expertly played.

Gramophone Review

If you need convincing that so-called ‘complex’ composers live in the real world, you need look no further.

International Record Review Review

Performances throughout are excellent.

Gramophone Review

An enterprising introduction to two young composers, each with something to say and the means to say it with interest and imagination. Thank heavens for small independent labels. There is a wealth of worthy composers whose music deserves wider recognition and accessibility and Metier has contributed to the cause immensely with the release of this recording. Good sound and exemplary performances throughout. An excellent disc well worth exploring. CRITIC’S CHOICE 2001

Classical Source Review

This Metier recording offers a crystal clear production. The voices penetrate the ear with an ambience and clarity that easily transforms the listener from the present to a Renaissance Burgundian court. Undoubtedly great value for money at a mid-price range.

American Record Guide Review

Four world premieres on this worthy recording—two by Americans, one by a Swiss, and one American orchestration of a Percy Grainger fantasy. The Moores Symphony sounds terrific – lively and youthful, but also solid and round­ed. The recording is full-bodied, as illustrated by the big bass drum in the finale.