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James Weeks: TIDE

MSV 28532

TIDE is a composite of pieces for three solo instruments (clarinet, oboe d’amore and cello) – newly composed by James Weeks. It is given here on CD1, and the three solo works are on CD2. Each is in its own right a virtuoso piece and played by leading instrumentalists Andrew Sparling (Clarinet), Christopher Redgate (oboe […]

The Rambler Review

There’s obviously something procedural going on in this music, probably more than two or three things at once … The piece is composed as series of waves, of dynamic, of pitch, of rhythm, of tessitura, of density, and so on. Waves of one sort or another overlap, producing cascading effects of beating patterns and interferences … for all its superficial simplicity this isn’t music that is easily summarised. The more one listens, the more one is impressed at how much variety Weeks has built in to what began as such simple inspiration.

Composition Today Review

Heard alone, Sky is a work of transcendental calm. Burnham Air, by contrast, is a plaintive work of curling scales and arpeggios. Tide sits in between. The gradual unfolding of these three planes in the composite work TIDE feels almost mystical in its inevitability, the whole becoming greater than the already substantial sum of its parts. The result is music that feels original but in some way also primeval.

Intricate Web: Music By Liz Johnson

MSV 77206

Liz Johnson is a British composer with a very special gift and distinctive style, definitely in the avant-garde mold yet not totally alien to ‘traditional-music’ lovers. ‘Intricate Web’ is not only the title of one of the quartets here (there are four numbered String Quartets and two other works for the quartet) but also accurately […]

White Dawn – Songs and Soundscapes by David Lumsdaine

MSV 28519

David Lumsdaine’s work is mostly rooted in Australia where he was born though he now lives in the UK. This unique and intriguing set includes pieces for a variety of instruments (not all are vocal) a number of which relate to the Australian landscape and the sounds of its unique wildlife – which are also […]


MJD 72403

This CD features some of the most distinctive personalities in the contemporary New York scene including the legendary Daniel Carter (sax, trumpet) who has been a leading light in the avant-garde since the early 70s and has featured on well over 100 recordings. Claire DeBrunner is an accomplished bassoonist with a classical as well as […]

Blow the Wind Southerly

DDV 24139

A recital of traditional and early 20th century airs and ballads from the North East of England, this selection concentrates on the more romantic, wistful and dramatic items rather than the comic music hall songs. These are “Songs of Life and Longing” and ideally suited to the more formal interpretation given here. Supported by the […]

Tempo Review

Tide is a beguiling and impressively conceived and performed collection that testifies to the continuing vitality of the experimental project.

Overgrown Path.Com Review

When performed together, as they are on disc one, Cageian controlled chance comes into play, with the points of entry being left to the chance decision of the musicians, but with the shape of the three discrete musical strands controlled by the score. If I was controller of BBC Radio 3 – one can but dream – I would order the thirty-one minute composite version of James Weeks’ Tide to be played in its entirety on the station’s Breakfast programme every day for a week as an antidote to the neurofissilty inducing dumb-downedness that currently prevails there.

Tonality Systems Review

We can so easily miss new stars rising in the firmament of music composition. But for me, unexpectedly, out of the ether (of BBC Radio 3) dropped a 4-minute jewel of a string quartet, and with a title that was hard to forget, Tide Purl by Liz Johnson. It was played by the Fitzwilliam Quartet as a trailer for a concert to launch 2-CD retrospective including all this composer’s work for the string quartet medium. . I was immediately hooked… [this] is a significant body of English music for string quartet.

The Wire Review

Weeks’ own music clearly resonates in empathy with the composers he likes to programme. Tide is a composite composition – the gradually unfolding canonic energy fields of the clarinet piece anchors everything else … composed beginnings trigger a structural labyrinth.

Fanfare Review

Liz Johnson’s music really resonated with me. After more than two and a half hours of it, I was ready to hear even more. Given the top-notch performances of this music, this set will have appeal to those who appreciate contemporary music with considerable stylistic variety. I can, therefore, do no less than give this issue my top recommendation.

MusicWeb International Review

Those listeners who have been privileged to receive one of John Turner’s ‘Christmas Card Carols’ will find this new CD a delightful surprise. These imaginative carols are beautifully sung (and played). The purity of the vocal line is both astounding and moving.Turner’s musical style has captured the magic of the Season. He is a legend in his own lifetime… all these carols are lovely and sum up the joy of the Christmas-Tide.

The Chronicle Review

One minute you’re struggling with some very modern sounds, the next it’s easy on the ear and almost hummable. For the performers it’s probably a lot of fun to play, the intense moments broken up by the playful. [The Cello Suite] is magnificent… excellent sleeve notes. It’s a varied album and challenging in places, but somehow draws the listener in.

All About Jazz Review

The theme… is the universality of music, expressed as group improvisation by four superlative musicians. A thought-provoking work of powerful improvisation that draws on various influences to create a unique identity.

Free Jazz-Stef Review

Silverman’s unconventional guitar playing and Zlabinger’s often hypnotic bass playing are really good. The way [DeBrunner] uses her bassoon is highly unusual yet at the same time a kind of revelation. The album is rewarding for its openness, subtlety and adventurous lyricism.

The Sunday Times Review

Connolly’s manner is vividly gestural, beautifully coloured, and compellingly fluid.

The Classical Reviewer Review

A very enticing mini-album… [The Symphony] is a very fine work indeed, beautifully played by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra under Kirk Trevor. This is an impressive line-up of works that receive excellent recordings. There are useful booklet notes from the composer.

Classical Modern Music Review

Carson Cooman is a composer of great output and special sensibilities. [TheSymphony] is a work of great strength, deserving a hearing as a pinpoint symphonic work of our time. The music is most definitely an experience not to miss. Highly recommended.

The Chronicle Review

This is thoroughly modern music, and Cooman has created three atmospheric pieces that are both tranquil (mostly) but also thought-provoking.